Welcome to our links page. Here you will find links to the web sites of manufacturers featured on our prices pages. If you have opened this page from our "Index of Pages" or from the bottom of our introduction page you will be seeing this and any manufacturers site in the main viewing area of our Frames Web Site.

To assist you in your shopping you will also find a link to the relevant manufacturer under each page of our special prices in order to help you make your choice. If the link is visited from there it will open in a new browser thus enabling you to easily see the product you wish to purchase whilst also keeping the relevant prices page open on your original browser.All you need to do is drag the new one to one side or minimise it! When you have finished viewing their site just close your new browser.

Please note that any prices found on those sites will almost certainly differ from our own and that products listed may not quite be the same as we specify. Every effort has been taken by Discount/Net to provide an accurate description and usually part numbers for the items we sell. Manufacturers web sites are, sadly, often out of date so do check that what you are viewing is as up to date as what we offer!



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